Chareen Unsworth

Chareen was born in Northern Ireland where, as a young child, courtesy of her drummer Father and his dance bands she was surrounded by music of all genres.

As such, her love of music started very early in her life and continued to grow since then.

She recalls that each and every family get together was always full of laughter where everyone present was either singing or playing an instrument. Children were always encouraged to join in.

Winning a guitar at the Cairns Folk Club was very exciting and gave Chareen high hopes to follow a dream, but life got in the way for quite a few years.

During this time Chareen raised two boys. However, the music was still burning inside and trying to get out.

She was approached in the early ’90s and asked if she would like to join John White’s band “Livin Country” as the bass player and lead singer, which is a time she holds dear in her heart.

She also cherishes the times that when her entertaining brothers “Aubrey and Martin Beggs” were performing she would be invited on stage to sing with them. Country music is a passion Chareen loves and is very excited to be a presenter on Lake Macquarie FM 97.3. Tune in every Thursday from Noon to 3.00 pm for “Chareen’s Country and Western Collection”.
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