Helen got into radio when her daughter who is an avid listener to Lakemacquarie FM told her that the station was looking for new presenters and said “Mum you are retired, not shy and you love music so why not give it a try”?

Having been a High School Teacher at the chalk face for over thirty years, talking all day for a living, she decided to dip her toes into the water and now some four and a half years later, here she still is.

She says that her musical tastes are, basically Rock and they range from50’s Doo-Wop to Metallica and Guns and Roses to everything in between. She is a huge fan of the Beatles era and travelled to Liverpool in the United Kingdom for the opportunity to actually stand in Paul McCartney’s old bedroom. She says that unfortunately for her, Paul was not present at that time.

She devours every Biography on entertainers which she can get her hands on. When not reading about them she loves to watch telemovies and documentaries about their lives.

In her own words, she finds “rags to riches” stories such as Elvis Presley the most intriguing. Also, Australian artists are a favourite of hers and again quoting her “We in Australia punch above our weight when it comes to talent per capita”

While away from the radio station, Helen enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, attending concerts, cooking and she is a gardening fanatic even though she does not talk to her plants as much as Prince Charles does.

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