Jerry has absolutely no background in any form of show business or entertainment.

His love of music came during his teenage years while listening to DJ’s like John Laws, Bob Rogers, Pally Ward Austin and the Good Guys on 2SM on Sydney Radio.

Living out west and just around the corner from where the then new to Sydney Radio 2WS built their radio station he was there for the official opening and very first broadcast on the AM band. He quickly became hooked on their music format.

One day a few years ago he was station hopping on his home radio and accidentally came across a Community Radio Station which was asking for volunteers to join them. The rest, as they say, is History.

Jerry mainly plays music from the ’50s and ’60s which influenced his younger years but don’t be surprised if he chucks in an oldie like an Al Jolson song into his show every now and again.

An avid Shirley Bassey fan, he plays one song by “his girl Shirl” on each and every program which he delivers on the radio.

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