Frank Nieuwenhuis

Frank was raised in a small community of seven houses in country New Zealand. His father, who was from the Netherlands played a 56 button accordion and the neighbour played piano and violin, therefore there always music in the house on a Friday night.

This was before the advent of television, so the radio was always on, playing music, not that there a great deal of choice, but we made the best of it.

As a teen, after purchasing his first Stereo, the buying of records began.

On his twenty-first birthday, he funded a Disco, which went on to be a business. This resulted in Frank owning over 670 LPs, and attending a lot of concerts, while he was working in the print media at a Newspaper.

He came to Australia in 1983 to take up a job in Sydney with Computer World, producing Mac World and PC World magazines.

In his own words,” I had come to a place which featured a lot of venues playing live music, I was in Utopia”.

Over the years Frank has worked at various places in the print media. After retiring to Port Stephens, where they where advertising for presenters on the local Community Radio Station.

Frank moved from Nelson Bay to the Central Coast, where one day, while walking the dog he and his wife met a gentleman who was wearing a 97.3 FM T-shirt who said that they were looking for presenters. Frank’s wife said, “You have done some of this in the past, give it a go” and as again in his own words, wives need to be obeyed, he did.

The rest is history. He just enjoys listening to and playing music.

“Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid”Frank Zappa

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