Steve was born and bred in Sydney. After a brief period living in Herne Bay [Riverwood] and then Panania, the family moved to the border of Belmore& Lakemba. It was there that I started on something of a musical path, or at least developing an appreciation for music.

Often, Steve and his two older brothers and younger sister would find themselves with nothing to do on a wet Saturday or Sunday morning. They would either pull out the radio and listen to Ward Pally Austin on 2UW or Go to their Uncle’s room and drag out his record player. On other occasions they would steel their Mum’s pots and pans from the kitchen to set up a band and smash away at them in support of Elvis Presley, The Small Faces and The Grass Roots.

They regularly attended live concerts, in those days known peculiarly as “Dances” at local churches like St. Andrews Lakemba or sometimes the Baptist Church on Lakemba Street and even a Community Centre in Hurstville. Music was a grand outlet.

Steve completed 13 years school at Belmore Public and Boys High School and became a teacher. He was introduced into the field of music in his first year by a fellow teacher who thought that he could sing a bit. As a member of a few bands and duos over the ensuing years he extended his love of music in that time. Music was placed on hold for a few years while he raised his family. He and his wife moved his family to Bali for some 17 years. In that time, he worked as an online teacher. Unbeknown to him at the time, he was developing some interesting support skills applying to the radio industry as a presenter.

After the family moved back home, his daughter Kate, introduced him to Lake Macquarie FM 97.3 through her music and station associations with Ossie Osborne. After a fun on air radio interview with Ossie where Kate and I played some music, Ossie planted the idea of my becoming a presenter with the station when I move up to the Central Coast. Once he did that, with the support of the 97.3 team he is now a very happy member of the team here at Lake Macquarie FM 97.3.
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